Creative Space

Current Soundtrack: 311 - Love Song (<-- play that song on youtube while reading this post - it was stuck in my brain!)

I've been VERY excited about making time and space for creating.  Here's a shot of my sweet new creative workspace.

I've got a fairly large room and so once I rearranged it, I found I had just enough space for a lovely nook of creative endeavours.  I've noticed that I have a TON of different notebooks but that there are 3 or so general areas into which my work can be categorized: Letters, Art/Writing, Projects.

I found these really radfull page graphic images from inside a design magazine and carefully tore them out to create mini wallpaper-esque designs to help split up my desk space visually into 3 areas. 

For me - I really love the ability to have different notebooks for different kinds of work; I also have different pens to accompany each category of notebooks - this may seem excessive but I think of the pens and notebooks as tools - so when I pick up each pen/tool I know exactly what it's intended outcome should be, instead of a generic pen with which I either a) get remarkably creatively carried away and don't get the work I wanted or needed to get done complete OR b) don't get carried away anywhere.

The whole remake of the space cost less than $100: (granted I already owned the desk! but you could find a desk through Goodwill or thrift shops!)

  • $10 for a magnetic white board - for future ideas/projects - the future's always morphing so I like using the whiteboard to jot down ideas and easily make changes and upgrades to ideas as necessary - nothing is written in stone; the future is fluid.  I love that it's magnetic as well so pinning physical items to it is easy peasy.
  • $10 for a cork board - for current projects or things that are stuck or permanent - I actually have changed my cork board into a mostly things that I've done or people I love that make me feel awesome board: you may notice in the picture the poster from an Arkells show that one of the bands I'm in did - it's in the past and something I'm proud of. I like to keep it up to remind me that interesting opportunities come and go and come again!
  • $30 for a cool teal blue lamp and $30 on office supplies!  - I really concur with Scott Belsky from Behance/Adobe in so much that if you don't find your space or systems to be aesthetically pleasing, you are unlikely to utilize it consistently.  So I kinda splurged on multi-coloured pens and beautiful magnets as well as a pretty acrylic blue lamp. I'm proud to report the magnets are holding up new photos for future projects, the pens are writing up action plans and the lamp - well - it's my new bright friend, keeping me company early mornings and late nights while writing, contemplating and actioning my works.

You could swap some of your less utilized office supplies with friends to save a few dollars - artists need to think about such things! (My friends and I are mostly stationary/office/art supplies nerds and so swapping is a convenient and cheap method of feeling like I've got 'new' items!).

I'd been fascinated by videos for small space inspiration - The Itsy Bitsy Apartment with big design - SpacesTV

I'm looking forward to 2014 and cooking up some big ideas in my cozy new creative nook.