Guerilla Podcast: Pop-up Offices and Work Culture

The Pop-Up Office installation was located at 401 Richomond St., Toronto.

The Pop-Up Office installation was located at 401 Richomond St., Toronto.

At Culture Leap, we often discuss how creative work and industries are evolving, so we were intrigued when we heard that a local design studio, DUBBELDAM Architecture + Design, had created an art installation called the Pop-Up Office.

Here’s how DUBBELDAM describes the project:

Pop-Up Office

There has been a profound shift in the way we work; when all we need is a surface to work on and a place to plug in, the working environment is no longer static. Mobility, adaptability and flexibility are the new key elements of the modern office. The POP-UP OFFICE is an installation using modular units that can be combined in different ways. Built out of reclaimed wood palette boards, separate modules collectively form the modern work place, facilitating both individual work and collaboration. The result is a workspace that is simultaneously bare bones and tailored to the individual. In sinuous forms, the reclaimed boards morph from wall and floor planes into furniture elements. Stripping away the superfluous, the POP-UP OFFICE embodies adaptability. The possibilities are endless; easily transported, reconfigurable and rapidly deployed, the POP-UP OFFICE itself morphs in conjunction with workplace needs. (

Is this really the future of work?  Can a pop-up office fulfill our personal and professional requirements as workers?  What are the cultural implications?

Well, we decided to visit the pop-up office to see for ourselves!  And what field trip is complete without a podcast, right?  So here is our casual Sunday conversation about the concept and practicality of the pop-up office—from inside the installation itself!