Culture Leap provides the following creative services through our collective members: 

  • Creative Project Development for Organizations, Collectives and Professional Artists.

    • These sessions range from interactive brainstorming sessions using our Play/Plan/Produce method for your organization, supporting creatives in designing action plans for product launches, or project managing a creative project (research, project development or media production) for your organization. For more information about these services, please send us an email at


If you're struggling to change your ideas into actions towards an artistic, creative or personal project, these sessions could be for you. Your project doesn't necessarily need to be something you're hoping to share with the public. It could be something for public presentation or something you're hoping to complete just for yourself.

We start with a brief free consultation to learn more about your project and if our process can be of support to your goals. Sessions are then planned with your project goals in mind and you work individually with Bandana towards meeting these goals. Facilitation is geared around basic creative project development and focuses on:

1) Ideas and Intentions 2)Action and Accountability planning 3)Execution and Evaluation 4)Having fun taking small risks.  

Sessions are available In-Person (in Toronto) or Online via Zoom - a super easy to use videoconferencing service.

  • First consultation is free and is a chance for us to chat (usually for somewhere between 30mins to an hour) about your work, your vision, your experiences and why you’re looking for support at this time in your practice. We can then start with a package of hours OR individually cater an offering to fit your time, budget and scope.

  • 3 hrs is the basic package at $150 and includes:

    • 3 x 1 hour creative project facilitation with Bandana

    • the Culture Leap visual project charter tool.

    • This session is a mini individualized version of 'Make it Work.'

  • A more intensive option at $225 includes:

    • 3 x 1 hour creative project facilitation with Bandana

    • the Culture Leap visual project charter tool

    • 1 hour of post facilitation follow up

    • and 1 hour of workspace in Bandana's studio OR the option of a second hour long follow up sessions.

To book your session, first start by gathering your thoughts around your project, then email

Bandana at with  

A) Your Name

B) Your area of creative work (theatre? music? arduino circuts?);

C) The best way/time to reach you for a phone call or Skype date. 

You can always reach out just to ask questions as well! 

Here's to taking the leap!


Some Finer Print:

All prices are in CND and include all taxes. A 50% deposit by e-transfer is required at the time of booking. Any booked sessions require 24hrs notice for rescheduling. Sessions will only be rescheduled once at the discretion of the facilitator. Any further rescheduling requests will be considered a cancellation. There are no refunds for cancellations.  Final payment is due after the completion of the final facilitated session.  Pls Note: You are paying for facilitation - not project management - Bandana and/or Culture Leap is not accountable for executing your project through individual facilitation sessions. The final completion of your personal project is always your responsibility. These sessions provide clear, simple actionable guidelines specific to your project for you to move your ideas into action.