Coming together to idea jam and discuss projects over a cup of tea on Sundays is a treasured tradition for our team. We sometimes open up our space to offer others the same kind of facilitation and support as they work on their own projects. In 2015, we were happy to deliver a three part Creative Project Development Workshop, titled 'Make It Work,' from January through March as Part of Artscape's Business Skills for Growth Series.   The workshops are designed to support pre-business artists and creators who are new at taking their ideas and moving them into tangible, realistic and actionable projects. 

Nik was a member of this session. Here's his thoughts on his experience: 

'I had the opportunity of working with Bandana and the Culture Leap team on a project dear to my heart, but personally challenging to realize. I had my misgivings: was it worthy, was it good enough?  The sessions, which were gently and warmly facilitated by Bandana but which also included other team members, were a laid back and encouraging pleasure to be a part of.  But... they were also direct and practical, corralling the participants' energies and intentions into a Project Charter derived and modified from Alexander Osterwalder's renowned Business Model Canvas.  The charter asks some tough questions about resources, intentions, and timeline, but we worked our way through them together in a spirit of good humour and excitement. By the end we all had a Project Charter which we presented to one another and which would guide us going forward.  Some months later I premiered the exact concert I had layed out in my plan, and Bandana and Kawai were there to see it!"

For more information about 'Make It Work,' or to learn more about how Culture Leap can support creative project development for your organization, or if you're interested in small group or individual creative project facilitation - check out Creative Lab and Facilitation for all the details, or email us at